Geometric sets

We investigate geometric sets determined by implicit equations.

Dot products and cross products

Working with the dot product and cross product.

Moving things around

We move things around in space.

Derivatives of vector-valued functions

We think about the derivative of vector-valued functions.

Mirrored curves

We study how to bounce vectors off of curves.

Distances between points and...

We find the distance between points and other objects.

Considering surfaces

We think about surfaces in different ways.

Identifying surfaces

We identify surfaces.

Quadric surfaces

We investigate quadric surfaces.

Distance between points and...

Investigate the distance between points and lines or planes.

Mysterious functions

We describe mysterious functions

Describing regions

We describe areas and volumes of regions using iterated integrals.

Multiple integrals

Line integrals

We work some examples of line integrals and vector fields.

Breaking math

Two calculus students attempt to “break” math.

Choosing integrals

We give ourselves a choice of integrals to compute.

Volume and the divergence theorem

We compute volumes using the divergence theorem.

A tale of eight integrals

We compute eight integrals.

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