This section explores the different types of exercises Ximera supports.

Ximera supports many exercise types.

Basic Function Answer Type

The basic way of including a answerable item in Xiemra is to use the \answer command. The \answer must be inside of an environment.

$3\times 2 = \answer{6}$  

Will produce the question:

In addition to numerical answers, we also support elementary functions:

         $ \frac{\partial}{\partial x} x^2\sin(y) =  \answer{2x\sin(y)}$  


While any environment can contain the command \answer, there are four special environments: question, exercise, problem, exploration. Each of these environments is the same, except for the name. These environment interact with the optional arguments in the documentclass in useful ways. We’ll discuss this later.

Choice Answer Type

Multiple Choice

Which of the following functions has a graph which is a parabola?  
\choice{$y = \frac{1}{x+2}$}  


Which of the following functions has a graph which is a parabola?

Select All


  Which of the following numbers are even?  


Which of the following numbers are even?


The free response environment gives students access to a LATEX editor.

Question goes here!  
This is the model solution %You don’t actually need anything in between the begin and end line.  

Question goes here!
This is the model solution