Using Xake to deploy.

The program xake is the Ximera “make” program.

One-time setup

Here is a list of commands that need to be run for the setup of a course.

If you have a GPG key, do:
     gpg --list-keys
If you don’t already have a GPG key, then do
     gpg --gen-key
answer the questions, but leave the passphrase blank and copy the long hex string as YOUR-GPG-KEY-ID (ABCD3562DBF9929292 or whatever).

If you are using MacOS, you might not be able to leave the passphrase blank. In this case go to and install the GPG Suite. This will provide a GUI that will produce a GPG key with spaces. Delete these spaces and this new key (without spaces) is your key. You should quite your terminal and open a new one.

     gpg --keyserver hkps:// --send-key YOUR-GPG-KEY-ID
Now do
Now do:

     xake -k YOUR-GPG-KEY-ID name yourxakename
You may get vague error messages here if you have not successfully set up your git name and email; you can do this with:
     git config --global "YOUR-NAME"
git config --global "YOUR-EMAIL"

Work flow

The commands above are simply for setup. On a regular basis, the work flow is much simpler.

You must work in the top level of your git directory.

git pull
git add -u  
git commit  
git push  
xake bake  
xake frost  
xake serve