Ximera can use LTI to pass grades to an LMS.

Key and secret

To deploy Ximera activities as an assignment in an LMS using LTI you must have a “key” and a “secret” given to you by Ximera. This key and secret combination can be used by any user to set up homework on an LMS. If we didn’t have key’s and secrets, students could (in theory) submit grades directly to the LMS. The key-secret combo simply validates to the LMS that the work came from some Ximera activity.

First recall your key using the command:

gpg --list-keys

To get an authentic key-secret combination, do this:

xake -k YOUR-GPG-KEY lti NAME
for example it might look like:
xake -k LKJ987LKJLKJ55JGHJKG77JKJ9898KLLKJLKJ99K lti mathassignments
Then xake will return:
SD4GSdFG4sDGF45ADfdgfsgf4542545sdfd245_j354 lti mathassignments
LTI key: mathassignments  
 secret: 9KJ_83klkdiKLk956nK9_klsdKll-KJsdop998_kld7

will give you a key and secret. Note, repeating the same process will always give you the same key-secret combination. You may share your key-secret combination between faculty teaching any course with Ximera activities.


For each assignment there are two steps: Making an external tool and connecting an assignment to the external tool.

Making and external tool

For each assignment you want to add, start by going to Settings Apps View App Configurations

Click on View App Configurations, and then click APP and as we see above, choose configuration type “By URL.” Name it whatever you want to call it so you can find it again. The key and secret are the ones from ’xake lti NAME’ a minute ago. The Config URL is “https://ximera.osu.edu/COURSE/PATH/TO/EXERCISELIST/lti.xml.” For example: This makes it so that you can connect an assignment to this external tool.

Connecting an assignment to the external tool

Click on “Assignments” then ASSIGNMENT. Name the assignment, assign points to the assignment, set the Submission Type to “External Tool” then find your assignment in the list:

The URL for your assignment will be Finally, remember to Save and Publish.