Please answer each of these questions to the best of your ability. You are welcome to re-watch parts of any of the videos to help you.

Suppose is a linear function of . Let represent the change in the value of and let represent the change in the value of . Which of the following graphs could represent the relationship between and provided .
Sophia is going to compete in two legs, running and biking, of a local mini triathlon. The running begins at the shoreline of the ocean and heads due north on Ocean Avenue. After she runs 5k she transitions to her bicycle and continues due north on Ocean Avenue for another 20k. She bikes faster than she runs. Assuming that Sophia was always heading due north, which of the following graphs more accurately represents the relationship between Sophia’s distance from transition and the total distance Sophia has traveled.
The following graph represents the height of water as a function of volume as water is poured into a container. Which container is represented by this graph?