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Before watching the videos, think about and answer these questions to the best of your ability.

Suppose Allison swims two laps in an Olympic-size swimming pool, which is 50 meters long. She swims the first lap using the freestyle stroke and she swims the second lap using the breaststroke. Allison swims faster using the freestyle stroke than she does using the breaststroke. Which of the following graphs more accurately represents the relationship between Allison’s distance from the end of the pool where she started swimming and the total distance Allison has swam.
Suppose is a linear function of . Let represent a change in the value of and let represent the change in the value of . Which of the following graphs could represent the relationship between and provided ?
The following graph represents the height of water as a function of volume as water is poured into a container. Which container is represented by the graph?
Overall, how confident are you in your answers?
Not at all confident Not very confident Somewhat confident Very Confident