Welcome to Ximera! These sites will host the videos and accompanying questions in your calculus course.

In general, you will answer a few questions before you watch a video (but you won’t know if you got them correct or not) and some questions after the video (where you will know whether you got them correct or not).

As an example, before you watch a video, you might see a question like the one below. Click your answer, then click “submit your work.”

What is 1+1?
1 2 3 4

After a video, you might see a question like the following:

What is 1+5?
4 5 6 7

If you wait a second, you will also see your progress change at the top right of the screen.

At the top right part of the screen, you will see a “save” button to save your work. It will automatically save if you wait a few seconds.

Video sets will be on multiple pages. At the bottom right, you should see a “next” button - click it to go to the next page. After you finish the set of pages, you will see a “complete” page.