After completing this section, students should be able to do the following.

  • Remember the cosine-referenced phasor transformation equation.
  • Apply phasor transformation to transform time-domain circuit equations for a resistor, capacitor, and inductor to the frequency domain.
  • Apply phasor transformation to transform time-domain sinusoidal signals to frequency-domain signals (phasors) and vice versa, transform phasors to time-domain.
  • Explain the phasors theory in terms of a superposition of two signals.
  • Solve a simple electric circuit using phasors.
  • Sketch vector phasor diagram to visualize voltage and current addition.
  • Visualize and sketch sinusoidal voltages and currents in time-domain for simple RC, RL circuits.
  • Recognize a simple circuit from the visualized time-domain or phasor voltages and currents.